No, IEA Didn’t Call For An End to Oil and Gas Development

The International Energy Agency’s new roadmap to a zero-carbon world lays out a potential path for the energy transition with suggestions – some more realistic than others – for how the planet could drastically reduce emissions and bring access to affordable, reliable energy to everyone.

Although many media latched onto the notion that the report represents a definitive path forward for the global energy transition, IEA emphasized that’s not the case. As IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol explained:

“The pathway laid out in our Roadmap is global in scope, but each country will need to design its own strategy, taking into account its own specific circumstances. Plans need to reflect countries’ differing stages of economic development: in our pathway, advanced economies reach net zero before developing economies. The IEA stands ready to support governments in preparing their own national and regional roadmaps, to provide guidance and assistance in implementing them, and to promote international cooperation on accelerating the energy transition worldwide.”

Birol further emphasized this during the Columbia Global Energy Summit this week:

“But this is A pathway. This is not THE pathway. And therefore, different governments with different backgrounds, different priorities may come up with PATHWAYS.”

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