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Pennsylvania Health Officials: Study Shows No Evidence Of Activist Cancer Claims

As health officials move forward with the important task of investigating cases of childhood cancer in a Pennsylvania county, environmental activists continue with baseless claims that natural gas development is to blame, despite a strong rebuttal  in a Pennsylvania Department of Public Health study.

Leading these activists is the Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), a group with a reputation of using debunked research, as previously covered by Energy In Depth.

The latest attempt to “give natural gas a black eye” – PSR’s stated goal, according to its website – is to link fracking with Ewing sarcoma and other cancers in the Canon-McMillan School District in Washington County, outside of Pittsburgh. At a press conference promoting their accusations, one member of the group falsely proclaimed, “There is now abundant scientific evidence showing that shale gas development (‘fracking’) harms the health of people.”

But what “abundant scientific evidence” is he talking about?

It’s certainly not in the state health study, which reviewed cases of Ewing sarcoma and other cancers during two time periods before fracking began in the region.

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