Petroleum and You: Holiday Edition

The holiday season is a special time for communities to come together and celebrate. For many, celebrations entail decorating the halls of their homes, checking out massive Christmas light displays or traveling to reunite with loved ones. But no matter what your holiday consists of, oil and natural gas plays a crucial role in ensuring it’s successful for all.

Petroleum products are ramping up from the previous pandemic year. Despite a global decline in production in 2020, the United States remained a leader in oil and natural gas production – keeping essential petroleum products available for consumers. Specifically, U.S. production has enabled petroleum products such as motor gasoline, distillate, and propane to continue to be available for consumers globally as they recover from the pandemic.

What are your favorite traditions or holiday products that are made possible thanks to oil and natural gas?

Wishing you a very happy holidays from everyone at Energy In Depth!

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