Petroleum and You: Oil and Gas Products Are Integral to Halloween

From frightening plastic masks to elaborate lawn scenes, decorations and props ensure that Halloween remains the spookiest time of the year. However, many may not realize that oil and gas products play an essential role in helping people transform their homes and selves for Halloween.

Oil and gas products are critical to various components of Halloween decorations and costumes:

Pumpkin Carving with Candles

A carved pumpkin is not complete without a candle inside. Candles are often used to create an eerie ambiance in Halloween décor, and paraffin wax, a petroleum byproduct, helps ensure jack-o-lanterns remain frightening all night long.

Costume and Makeup

Halloween costumes are often reliant on synthetic fabrics and makeup that are made from various petrochemicals. For example, polyester, nylon, and latex are all derived from oil and gas. Additionally, pigments used in face paints and makeup are often also made from oil and gas byproducts, allowing people to transform into ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.

Plastic Decorations and Props

From skeletal figures to witches’ cauldrons, plastic decorations and props are integral to Halloween. Most of these items are made from various forms of plastic, which relies on petrochemicals.

Spooky Lighting Effects

No haunted house or Halloween attraction is complete without great ambiance. Often these spooky elements, including smoke machines, flickering LED candles, and glowing decorations, contain oil and gas byproducts or may even be powered by natural gas-fired electricity generation.

Candy Wrappers

Everyone’s favorite part of Halloween is the plethora of fun-size candy! Plastic wrapping, which often encases trick-or-treaters’ favorite sweet treats, ensures everyone is receiving a safe and sanitary product.

Bottomline: Oil and gas products play an integral role in making Halloween possible. From lighting pumpkins and décor to complicated costumes, many of these products are reliant on oil and gas byproducts, ensuring everyone can participate in the spooky, festive fun!

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