Petroleum and You: Snow Day Edition

For kids, winter cold can turn into joyous snowfall with the right atmospheric conditions and enough pajama snow dances. Falling snow absorbs ambient sound and brings a still night, before settling for a fun morning full of sledding, snowball fights, and snow fort building. But to prepare for their snow day, adults, and kids alike, will bundle up, whether they are playing or shoveling snow from the walkways. No matter how you spend your snow day, oil and natural gas play a crucial role in keeping you warm and important spaces snow-free.

Petroleum products are the building blocks for our winter materials. Petroleum hydrocarbons compose the synthetic fibers in our gloves, jackets, and base layers to insulate us from the cold, are used to form heavy-duty plastic shovelheads to heave snow and to fuel gas-powered snowblowers for heavy snowpack. Petroleum products are even found in the smallest creature comforts, from relying on the quality plastic around your hand warmers to keep them fresh and usable, to the snow booties you put on your dog to protect their paws from de-icing salt.

No matter how you spend your snow day, petroleum products will be there to help you get through. What are your snow day necessities that are made possible thanks to oil and natural gas?


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