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Put Your John Hancock Here for Natural Gas

Cherie Messore
Director of Public Affairs — IOGA-NY

With apologies to Thomas Jefferson, we hold these truths to be self-evident: natural gas development is essential to New York State’s economy and your support sends a clear voice to Gov. Cuomo, the DEC and our legislators.

This can be America’s declaration of energy independence: fully develop New York State’s natural gas resources and take a significant step away from our nation’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

Natural gas development in New York State can be the revolution for the 21st century and it starts with gathering 100,000 names (or more) on an electronic letter to Albany. The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York is leading this effort with an electronic letter housed on its website.

In part, the letters asks legislators to let objective, science-based studies guide their support for natural gas exploration. It also explains that “the safe domestic production of natural gas is clearly in the best interests of the Nation.”

Citing several recent credible third-party studies covering economics, environmental safety, job creation and community impact, the letter concludes by stating that the combination of “environmental assurances provided by New York’s strict regulatory environment, along with the industry’s stellar record in New York” makes it absolutely clear that the state must not forego this remarkable opportunity.”

Please do your part as an energy advocate: follow the link to IOGA of NY’s homepage and Take Action Now. Share the link with like-minded associates, friends and family. Do so in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through a robust state economy and revitalized Southern Tier.

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