Report: Gas Infrastructure Key for Climate Technology Solutions

A report by researchers at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy presents a well-rounded view on the role that natural gas infrastructure will play in reaching net-zero targets and bridging emerging energy technologies.

Researchers had the Leaders Summit on Climate – during which countries, led by the United States, committed to more ambitious emission reduction targets – as a backdrop for the release of their report. Carbon capture and storage and hydrogen were among the most talked-about climate solutions brought up by world leaders, industry experts and other key actors during the Summit. The report addresses both technologies while anchoring them to the potential role the U.S. natural gas pipeline system may play.

Natural Gas Is Here For the Long-Haul.

Natural gas dominates the U.S. energy system and is not going anywhere soon. As the researchers explain:

“Studies by energy agencies, universities, and the industry that model future U.S. natural gas consumption consistently show continued use of natural gas for at least the next 30 years, even in scenarios where the country achieves net-zero targets by midcentury. There is no quick replacement for gas in the U.S. energy mix.” (emphasis added)

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