Revealed: Minnesota Attorney General Enlists Sher Edling for Climate Case

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is again relying on a national network to boost his climate lawsuit by recruiting the plaintiffs’ law firm Sher Edling, one of the key players in the climate litigation campaign, to help represent the state alongside his office.

When Ellison filed the lawsuit this summer, there was a noticeable lack of outside counsel present. Now, court filings made public on Dec. 18 finally reveals that his office has requested that a U.S. District Court allow the firm’s partners, Vic Sher and Matt Edling who are based in California, to serve as outside counsel for the Minnesota case. This isn’t the first time that Ellison and Sher Edling have crossed paths. Last year, both Ellison and Sher sat on a panel at the University of Minnesota Law School to discuss “the legal and scientific case for recovering climate change damages in Minnesota from fossil fuel companies.”

Last Friday, Ellison’s office also filed a brief supporting a motion to remand its climate case back to state court. Both Sher and Edling signed the brief as counsel for the state, as did an official in Ellison’s office. The inclusion of Sher and Edling’s names on the filing further ties Minnesota to other climate lawsuits across the country.


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