Scientists Disagree With Key Findings In New Univ. of Rochester Methane Study

A new University of Rochester study claiming methane emissions from fossil fuel activities are higher than previously estimated is encountering criticism from the scientific community because of significant limitations and the fact that it is at odds with existing research.

Contrary to headlines that gave the impression the study’s findings are written in stone, even the authors acknowledge their research – published in Nature – is far from complete and had significant limitations. As one author told the New York Times:

“Dr. Petrenko, one of the Rochester study’s authors, said that the huge undertaking of studying giant ice cores meant the study relied on a small sampling of data. ‘These measurements are incredibly difficult. So getting more data to help confirm our results would be very valuable,’ he said. ‘That means there’s quite a bit more research to be done.’” (emphasis added)

EID has what methane scientists had to say immediately following the study’s release on

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