SCOTUS To Discuss Jurisdiction Question in Climate Cases on Friday

The climate litigation campaign faces a pivotal moment this Friday when the U.S. Supreme Court will discuss whether it will review a key jurisdictional question that has defined the cases for years, with an announcement on their decision expected as soon as Monday.

As reported by E&E News, this is “a venue dispute with huge consequences” as it will determine whether certain climate lawsuits should be heard in federal or state court. There are currently more than two dozen cases at different stages in various courts across the country, many of which would be affected by a SCOTUS decision should the court take up the case.

Notably, this would not be the first time the Supreme Court weighs in on the suite of climate cases facing energy producers. Two years ago, the high court accepted a petition to review a Fourth Circuit ruling in Baltimore’s case, which resulted in a win for energy companies on a technical issue related to the scope of appellate review.

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