The Climate Litigation Campaign’s 2020 in Review: Still No Wins, More Activist Coordination, and a Looming SCOTUS Decision

For many reasons, 2020 has been a unique year. For the climate litigation campaign, EID Climate has covered major legal developments, delved into the funding sources behind these lawsuits and investigated the broader campaign pushing this baseless – and thus far unsuccessful – campaign against energy companies.

Although presented as a way to give power back to local governments and the people, it is important to remember that the activists and trial lawyers driving climate litigation campaign have much different goals – and may be motivated more by the potential for private gain than what’s in the public interest. At the end of the day, such lawsuits will simply raise prices for consumers, while doing nothing to actually solve climate change.

Here’s a look at the year in review:

Recruitment Campaign Continues

So far, the climate litigation campaign has been a dud. Every case that has been heard on its merits – Oakland and San FranciscoNew York City and New York State – has been defeated in court. The California municipalities and NYC have nonetheless appealed those decisions and are in various stages of that process.

That track record of failure didn’t change in 2020.

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