This Column Is Brought to You by The Rockefellers

The powerful donors fueling the climate litigation campaign got their money’s worth out of yesterday’s Los Angeles Times column. The piece featured the primary actors of the coordinated campaign, highlighting ‘media outlets,’ law clinics, and a public relations initiative – all with direct ties to the Rockefellers and their network of powerful allies.

Energy in Depth has uncovered each of these ties over the years, but it’s still remarkable to see all of them woven into one piece.

The Author: Academic or spokeswoman for climate litigation?

Ann Carlson is a professor at UCLA Law School’s Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, which has hosted numerous events in support of climate litigation. In addition to her position at UCLA, Carlson serves as a consultant for Sher Edling in their lawsuits against energy companies, undermining any perceived notion of independent academic analysis of the litigation. While the Times acknowledged Carlson “provides pro bono consulting to some of the plaintiffs in climate litigation,” they fail to disclose her direct involvement in very cases discussed throughout the column.

Carlson recently appeared besides Vic Sher, the lead plaintiffs’ attorney at Sher Edling, at an event in Hawaii. The event was co-hosted by the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI), a public affairs initiative which seeks to hold “climate polluters accountable” and has coordinated with lawyers to lobby municipalities on climate litigation.



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