TIME’s Person of the Year and Fellow Activists Mislead on Climate

It’s hard to argue Swedish climate activist Great Thunberg didn’t deserve this week’s TIME Person of the Year honor after starting a multinational movement. But it should also go without argument that the person receiving such a big honor and her fellow activists should have to be straight with the facts around their climate claims.

In a recent op-ed written by Thunberg and fellow activists, they mislead readers on the source of pollution in India, falsely pinning the blame on energy companies. Thunberg writes:

“Just last month, five million masks were handed out at schools in New Delhi, India’s capital, owing to toxic smog. Fossil fuels are literally choking the life from us.”

But the CNN story that Thunberg links to cites a top government official who blames the need for masks on “smoke from crop burning in neighboring states.” There was zero mention by officials in India linking any kind of fossil fuel use to the spike in smog levels, but Thunberg chose the opportunity to misinform the public to push her climate agenda.

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