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VIDEO Case Is Closed, Fracking Does Not Impact Water Quality in Colorado

In Aurora, Colorado, new residents are back on an old theme—arguing that fracking will hurt groundwater. Many of their claims are concerns that Energy in Depth first debunked more than a decade ago.

To give an overview of the issue, Energy in Depth is out with a new video that goes back to the history and shows both that fracking is safe for groundwater—and that Colorado has continued to strengthen its laws to protect air and water quality.

The video shows leading Colorado Democrats, expressing their confidence that fracking is safe.

In one clip from 2015, when he served as governor, Sen. John Hickenlooper said:

“We can’t find examples in Colorado…where fracking, in any sense, has caused harm or been sufficiently dangerous to the public.”

It also highlights findings from the EPA that fracking has not led to “widespread, systematic impacts on drinking water.”

As it concludes, the research is in and the case is closed: Fracking does not harm water quality in Colorado.

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