Climate Superfund Bills Would Tax American Businesses, Spare OPEC+

Supporters of climate litigation are leaning into alternative strategies to extract dollars from the American energy industry. Last Tuesday, Vermont’s state Senate passed a “climate superfund” bill that would fine American energy companies to pay for the effects of climate change. Similar legislation has also been introduced in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and most recently California.

The initiative – which is backed by the Rockefellers – is based on the same flawed theories as the climate litigation campaign and ultimately aims to bankrupt the American energy industry.

At their core, the climate superfund bills are lawfare in sheep’s clothing. Their proponents even rely on the same “polluters pay” rhetoric ginned up by the Center for Climate Integrity to push climate lawsuits. Nearly all of the states that have introduced climate superfund legislation have also filed climate lawsuits. And, while superfund bills need electoral support (unlike climate lawsuits), they’re hardly democratic.

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